PDF – Magic Snapper Magic Trick – Detailed Plans and Instructions.

The magic snapper is a wonderful effect that is suitable for all ages.

For those wishing to make their own magic snapper.

Here is a fully detailed 7 page PDF manual that shows all steps required with coloured photos and full descriptions

Magic Snapper Magic Trick Instruction Manual

For those unfamiliar with a Magic Snapper, the snapper consists of two parts.

The first part is wooden section that is effectively hollow.

There is a rubber band protruding from one end.

The second part has a conical shaped end with a round section of dowel with a notch cut out at the end.

The performer holds the “Body” part, approx. horizontal, in one hand whilst holding the “Head” part in the other hand. The “shaft” of the “Head” part is then introduced into the “Body” part. The performer appears to “hook” the “shaft” onto the rubber band inside the “Body” part and as the “Head” part is withdrawn it flies out from the finger tips as it “snaps” into the “Body”


Unfortunately, spectators are unable to undertake this seemingly easy task!

Your purchase here is for a fully detailed coloured 7 page PDF document that shows step by step how to make your own Magic Snapper.

The paragraphs in the manual are:



Materials Used

Process to make your own snapper

Operation of your Magic Snapper

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