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Invisible Thread – (IT) – Utility Item

Invisible Thread

Invisible Thread is a Utlility / Consumable Item

Invisible Thread (IT) is used in several ways.

IT can be formed into “Loops”.

Loops are then used around Fingers / the Hand to provide support to lift / move small objects.

IT is sold as a 15M multi-strand that comprises many many individual threads.

Usually,  an approximate length for use is cut off.

Then the appropriate number of individual threads are “separated / teased” out to either reduce the strand thickness or leave a one / several threads in a new small strand for use.

This is until the smallest number of threads possible are left taking into account distance from the audience  and weight of item being manipulated.

Consideration should be given to the “colour” of performing conditions.

This is with respect to lighting / backgrounds / colour of items etc.

IT is available in Black and White.

Note: This product is sold without instructions but feel free to contact me direct with any questions.


Invisible Thread

Invisible Thread – Black


Invisible Thread - a

IT Black


Invisible Thread - White

IT – White

Invisible Thread - White - a

Price: $8.00 Shipping*: $4.00

Colour :


Nest of Boxes – Magician’s Utility Device

Nest of Boxes - Red, Yellow, Green and Blue

Nest of Boxes

Congratulations on purchasing the Nest of Boxes,  a wonderful utility device. to enable a vanished coin, a prediction note or similar to mysteriously re-appear within a box, within a box, within a box, within a box.

This utility device can be used in several different ways.

One example is for a small object that has previously vanished to reappear.

Another application is for a small note that is a prediction or revelation to appear from an impossible location.

In either situation, it is the spectator that is given a closed Red plastic round box to open.

Within the Red box is a closed Yellow Box.

Within the closed Yellow Box is a Green Box.

Within the Green Box is a Red Box that is opened, again by the spectator to reveal the item / note.


Nest of Boxes

Nest of Boxes

Nest of Boxes with Holder

Nest of Boxes with Holder

Nest of Boxes

Nest of Boxes

Nest of Boxes

Nest of Boxes


The Nest of Boxes is complete with fully detailed instructions with full colour photos to show the versatile operation of this utility device.

Price: $20.00 Shipping*: $2.50

Railway Track Illusion

Railway Track Illusion

Railway Track Illusion

This marvellous effect is based on an optical illusion first described by Joseph Jastrow in 1891.

Provided are:

A) Two quality wooden train tracks

B) Detailed sheet of instructions.

C) Sheet with 2 Pair (4) Printed Railway Track Sections.

Once the principle is understood, many other similar objects can be used to replicate/demonstrate this effect.

e.g. In my shows, I often use coloured pieces of cardboard and invite a spectator to rub the cardboard and demonstrate how it can stretch and shrink with ease!!

Railway Track Illusion
Railway Track Illusion

Price: $8.00
Shipping*: $2.50

Odd Rope Illusion

Odd Rope Illusion – Stage Size

Odd Rope Illusion is a very mystifying effect that will entertain all ages.

The Magician presents three ropes to the audience and, in fact, is able to pass them out for examination.

The ropes are shown as simply three ropes, of different lengths with no gimmicks, joins etc etc.

After receiving the ropes back following inspection, the Magician clearly places each rope in his hand with all ropes sections/ends etc remaining in clear view to the audience.

After a suitable, pass, a magic word or similar from the Magician and/or the Audience, the three ropes are then shown to have morphed to now being three ropes of identical length.

The magician shows to the audience how each rope is now the same length.

From here the Magician can then restore the ropes back to their original size.

Now the ropes can again be freely passed out for examination.

The ropes provided are in a set of three ropes.

The ropes are high-quality cotton ropes and available in White Magicians Rope with Blue Tips or Blue Ropes with White Tips

Odd Ropes - 1
Odd Ropes – Three Ropes
Odd Ropes Illusion - Blue
Odd Ropes Illusion – Blue

Price: $15.00
Shipping*: $2.50

Rope Colour :

PDF – Magic Snapper Magic Trick – Detailed Plans and Instructions.

The magic snapper is a wonderful effect that is suitable for all ages.

For those wishing to make their own magic snapper.

Here is a fully detailed 7 page PDF manual that shows all steps required with coloured photos and full descriptions

Magic Snapper Magic Trick Instruction Manual

For those unfamiliar with a Magic Snapper, the snapper consists of two parts.

The first part is wooden section that is effectively hollow.

There is a rubber band protruding from one end.

The second part has a conical shaped end with a round section of dowel with a notch cut out at the end.

The performer holds the “Body” part, approx. horizontal, in one hand whilst holding the “Head” part in the other hand. The “shaft” of the “Head” part is then introduced into the “Body” part. The performer appears to “hook” the “shaft” onto the rubber band inside the “Body” part and as the “Head” part is withdrawn it flies out from the finger tips as it “snaps” into the “Body”


Unfortunately, spectators are unable to undertake this seemingly easy task!

Your purchase here is for a fully detailed coloured 7 page PDF document that shows step by step how to make your own Magic Snapper.

The paragraphs in the manual are:



Materials Used

Process to make your own snapper

Operation of your Magic Snapper

Upon payment, you will be emailed the PDF document.

Price: $ 8.00
Shipping*: $0.00

Vernet Thumb Tip (T/T) – 4 Types Available

Vernet Classic Thumb Tip

Vernet Thumb Tip (T/T)

Vernet Thumb Tip – These are one of the most popular TT’s as preferred by the majority of magicians whether Hobbyist / Amateur or Professional.

Perth Magic Shop are pleased to advise that 4 styles are available so we should have a Thumb Tip to suit your requirements.

Thumb Tip Classic –  The most commonly used T/T

Thumb Tip Classic – SOFT – Some Magicians prefer a softer T/T

Thumb Tip – King Size – Approximately the same size as the Classic however the Kingsize is longer thus permitting a larger “Load”

Thumb Tip – XXL – For those with larger Hands / Thumbs.


Vernet Thumb Tip - Classic

Thumb Tip – Classic

Vernet Thumb Tip - Classic Soft

Thumb Tip- Classic Soft

Vernet Thumb Tip - King Size

Thumb Tip – King Size

Vernet Thumb Tip-XXL

Thumb Tip-XXL

Price: $12.00 Shipping*: $3.00

Style :


101 Cool Magic Tricks – Glen Singleton

101 Cool Magic Tricks

101 Cool Magic Tricks

101 Cool Magic Tricks by Glen Singleton has chapters on Quick Tricks, Coin Magic, Card Magic, Rope and Ring effects and Mental / Mind Reading.

There are over 200 pages of great effects with clear explanations and illustrations.


  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Putting on a Magic Show
  • Quick Tricks and Simple Illusions
  • Diabolically Clever Card tricks.
  • Cunning Coin Conundrums
  • Classic Conjuring
  • Masterly Mental Magic
  • Riveting Rope and Ring Tricks.
  • Fun with Magic.

This a great resource for budding magicians.

I recommend this book to all magicians, budding and experienced, as there are many simple effects that can be used as shown in the book or expanded that will astound audiences.

101 Cool Magic Tricks

101 Cool Magic Tricks

Price: $12.50 Shipping*: $7.60

Neoprene backing with a beautiful gaming table surface makes these close-up pads the best in the industry. Measuring 17.75″ x 14″ (45cm x 35cm) they are the perfect size and cushion for all card tricks, shell games, and much more!

Price: $36.00 / Pad)
Shipping*: $6.00

Colour :

*Shipping within Australia – Pick-up is available.

If a number of items are purchased and actual shipping cost is lower, difference will be refunded.

Magic Change Bag

Change Bag

The Magic Change Bag is a classic prop used by magicians to make objects appear / disappear and / or change their colour and shape.

The “Change Bag” is able to be turned inside out to present as empty.

In addition,  the Change Bag we offer has a zippered base to enable you to open the zip and pass your hand through to also demonstrate the appearance of being empty.

The “Change bag” is a standard inclusion in my magic shows as it really is a most versatile piece of magical equipment.

Price: $42.00 Shipping*: $8.00

*Shipping within Australia – Pick-up is available.

If a number of items are purchased and actual shipping cost is lower, difference will be refunded.

The Vanishing Coin

The Vanishing Coin


The Vanishing Coin Trick – Ultimate Coin Magic Kit (PROFESSIONAL SCOTCH & SODA INCLUDED)

Do you have coins in your pocket? Do you want to perform magic? Then you’re ready to amaze with THE VANISHING COIN TRICK. You’ll be prepared for any situation with this astonishing coin effect because the trick can be performed in the spectator’s hand! Plus, this effect can be reset and performed more than once. Your spare change is worth more than you think.

You aren’t just getting a few special coins… THE VANISHING COIN TRICK complete kit package includes full routines and over 50 bonus coin effects.

Routine performed and created by Rob Stiff
Inspired by Harry Houdini & Richard Himber (Dick Himber)

Included In The Vanishing Coin Trick Ultimate Coin Magic Kit:
Magic Makers Precision Made Vanishing Coin Gimmick
(Also know to magicians as the Professional Scotch & Soda by Magic Makers)
Visual Learning Guide With Illustrated Instructions
Step by Step Online Learning
Instructional DVD Teaching Over 50 additional coin effects

Coin Productions
Portable Magic
Comedy Routines
Close-Up Handling
Spectator Participation
Adaptable Coin Reveals

50+ Bonus Coin Effects (Using Everyday Coins) Included on Instructional DVD
Holds, Grips, & Palms: Finger Palm, Ramsay Subtlety, Classic Palm, Kaps Subtlety, Fingertip Rest, Thumb Palm, Downs Palm, Back Clip, Back Palm, Deep Back Clip, Edge Grip Var. 1, Edge Grip Var. 2, Curl Palm, JW Grip
Utilities: Bobo Switch, Shuttle Pass, Al Baker Steal, Friction Palm, Click Pass, Spellbound Change, Variation of Spellbound, Han Ping Chen
Productions: Finger Palm, Production Classic Palm, Production Downs Palm, Production L’Homme, Masque Production, Coin Production from Clothing, Coin Production from Handkerchief
Vanishes: Finger Palm, Vanish Finger Palm, Vanish Variation, French Drop, French Drop with Multiple Coins, Retention Vanish, Thumb Palm Vanish, Classic Palm Vanish, Fingertip Retention Vanish, Striking Vanish, JW Vanish
Jumbo Coins: Tenkai Palm, Curl Palm, Full Palm, Full Palm Production, Jumbo Coin Production, Toss Vanish, Retention Vanish into Tenkai
Routines: One Coin Flurry, Coins Across, Coins thru Handkerchief, Coins thru Table, Coin in the Pen, The Matrix, Chinese Coin Assembly, Fingertip Coins Across, Coins to Glass, Four Coin Production, Three Coin Production & Vanish, Spellbound Variation, 2 in Hand, 1 in Pocket

Price: $35.00 ea
Shipping*: $6.00

*Shipping within Australia – Pick-up is available.

If a number of items are purchased and actual shipping cost is lower, difference will be refunded.