Odd Rope Illusion

Odd Rope Illusion – Stage Size

Odd Rope Illusion is a very mystifying effect that will entertain all ages.

The Magician presents three ropes to the audience and, in fact, is able to pass them out for examination.

The ropes are shown as simply three ropes, of different lengths with no gimmicks, joins etc etc.

After receiving the ropes back following inspection, the Magician clearly places each rope in his hand with all ropes sections/ends etc remaining in clear view to the audience.

After a suitable, pass, a magic word or similar from the Magician and/or the Audience, the three ropes are then shown to have morphed to now being three ropes of identical length.

The magician shows to the audience how each rope is now the same length.

From here the Magician can then restore the ropes back to their original size.

Now the ropes can again be freely passed out for examination.

The ropes provided are in a set of three ropes.

The ropes are high-quality cotton ropes and available in White Magicians Rope with Blue Tips or Blue Ropes with White Tips

Odd Ropes - 1
Odd Ropes – Three Ropes
Odd Ropes Illusion - Blue
Odd Ropes Illusion – Blue

Price: $15.00
Shipping*: $2.50

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