Vernet Thumb Tip (T/T) – 4 Types Available

Vernet Classic Thumb Tip

Vernet Thumb Tip (T/T)

Vernet Thumb Tip – These are one of the most popular TT’s as preferred by the majority of magicians whether Hobbyist / Amateur or Professional.

Perth Magic Shop are pleased to advise that 4 styles are available so we should have a Thumb Tip to suit your requirements.

Thumb Tip Classic –¬† The most commonly used T/T

Thumb Tip Classic – SOFT – Some Magicians prefer a softer T/T

Thumb Tip – King Size – Approximately the same size as the Classic however the Kingsize is longer thus permitting a larger “Load”

Thumb Tip – XXL – For those with larger Hands / Thumbs.


Vernet Thumb Tip - Classic

Thumb Tip – Classic

Vernet Thumb Tip - Classic Soft

Thumb Tip- Classic Soft

Vernet Thumb Tip - King Size

Thumb Tip – King Size

Vernet Thumb Tip-XXL

Thumb Tip-XXL

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