Invisible Deck – Magic Trick – Bicycle Deck

Invisible Deck Magic Trick

 The “Invisible Deck” from the stable of the high quality Bicycle® Brand playing cards.

These cards are an international standard that are used worldwide due to the high quality in manufacture and finish.

The “Invisible Deck” is one of the most amazing effects in many professional magician’s repertoire.

Imagine producing a deck of cards and announcing that prior to arriving at the venue the magician predicted a card that was yet to be selected by a spectator.

The deck can even be in the spectators hands whilst they freely, YES freely, select any one of the 52 cards.

Following the selection od a card by a spectator, the magician immediately opens the deck of cards and the freely selected card is the only card to be found upside down in the pack.

This amazing self working effect requires no sleight of hand and comes with complete instructions

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