Magic Colouring Book

Magic Colouring Book - Cover

Magic Colouring Book

A magic colouring  book is a staple in most magician’s repertoire as a fun, interactive and very mystifying effect. See below for how it works.

With three different presentations when displaying the pages in the book, there are several variations the performer can show.

As examples:

The performer can present the book with empty pages with a story of the book becoming interesting with several drawings…although they are just line drawings. Then with imagination and magic the images are coloured in!!

An alternative can be a book shown with line drawings that the performer wants the audience to help and colour in with the audience’s imagination. With the help of a magic wand…and an “abracadabra”…the magician checks out the book……but it’s now blank!!! With another wave of the wand and more magical words….the book is now filled with coloured images.


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The magician introduces the magic colouring book…
Magic Colouring Book - Stage 1The magician flips through the book which appears to be a book that is full of blank pages Magic Colouring Book - Stage 2Instantly all of the pages are now  filled with black and white line drawings Magic Colouing Book - Stage 3After another magic pass suddenly all of the the pages are now coloured in.

An amazing self working effect ideal for all ages.