Svengali Deck – Bicycle Playing Cards

Svengali Deck – Bicycle Brand

Available here from Perth Magic Shop in the Bicycle Standard Deck format is one of the most powerful decks used by Magicians worldwide. The “Svengali Deck” enables you to pre-determine a card selected by a spectator.

The Svengali Deck is the staple in many magicians repertoire and entertains all ages.

Firstly the magician can cleanly demonstrate the deck showing both the backs and fronts of the cards in the deck.

The spectator is then asked to apparently and freely select a card….but the magician already knows the card that will be selected!!.

The magician can then reveal the spectator’s choice by special handling of the deck and / or combine his / her knowledge of the selected card by means of a prediction reveal!!

  • The Svengali Deck is available in either Red or Blue Backs.

Price per Deck is $18.00. Note Video above is for example purposes. Pricing provided is for Quality Bicycle Deck only i.e. Not as a DVD combo with deck.

Price: $18.00
Shipping*: $6.00

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