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101 Cool Magic Tricks – Glen Singleton

101 Cool Magic Tricks

101 Cool Magic Tricks

101 Cool Magic Tricks by Glen Singleton has chapters on Quick Tricks, Coin Magic, Card Magic, Rope and Ring effects and Mental / Mind Reading.

There are over 200 pages of great effects with clear explanations and illustrations.


  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Putting on a Magic Show
  • Quick Tricks and Simple Illusions
  • Diabolically Clever Card tricks.
  • Cunning Coin Conundrums
  • Classic Conjuring
  • Masterly Mental Magic
  • Riveting Rope and Ring Tricks.
  • Fun with Magic.

This a great resource for budding magicians.

I recommend this book to all magicians, budding and experienced, as there are many simple effects that can be used as shown in the book or expanded that will astound audiences.

101 Cool Magic Tricks

101 Cool Magic Tricks

Price: $16.50 Shipping*: $7.60

Magic Colouring Book

Magic Colouring Book - Cover

Magic Colouring Book

This book is a staple in most magician’s repertoire as a fun, interactive and very mystifying effect. See below for how it works.

Price: $16.50
Shipping*: $4.50


The magician introduces the magic colouring book…
Magic Colouring Book - Stage 1The magician flips through the book which appears to be a book that is full of blank pages Magic Colouring Book - Stage 2Instantly all of the pages are now  filled with black and white line drawings Magic Colouing Book - Stage 3After another magic pass suddenly all of the the pages are now coloured in.

An amazing self working effect ideal for all ages.