Bicycle – Svengali Deck Playing Cards

Also available in the Bicycle Standard Deck format is one of the most powerful decks used by Magicians worldwide. The “Svengali Deck” enables you to pre-determine a card selected by a spectator.

  • The Svengali Deck is available in either Red or Blue Backs.
  • The Svengali Deck is available as a Court Card (Random Selection)
  • or Number Card (Random Selection)

Price per Deck is $18.00. Note Video above is for example purposes. Pricing provided is for Quality Bicycle Deck only i.e. Not as a DVD combo with deck.

Price: $18.00
Shipping*: $6.00

Colour :
Card Type :
*Shipping within Australia – Pick-up is available. If a number of items are purchased and actual shipping cost is lower, difference will be refunded.